Sunday, September 1, 2013

A Candid Conversation with Editor & Author Jodie Renner

Exciting news!
SOUTHERN WRITERS MAGAZINE has interviewed me in its Sept./Oct. 2013 issue, just out!
You can purchase a subscription or single issues (print or electronic) on their website at
In the interview, Jodie answers these questions and more:
   - What common mistakes do you observe writers making?
   - What are the most confusing areas for a fiction writer?
   - What is the best way for the writer to fix them?
   - What would be your advice to anyone who was trying to write a "killer thriller" or any other fast-paced fiction that sells?
   - As an editor, describe your ideal client.

Other writers featured in the September issue include:

- Davis Bunn
- Cassandra King
- Pamela Binnings Ewen

Topics in this issue include:

- Book Signing Success
- Create a Visual Tour
- Revelations from a Retreat
- Who has Time to Be a Writer? You do!
- What if Someone Steals Your Idea?
- Why You Need a Book Proposal

To subscribe to this excellent magazine full of great tips for writers and receive your issues either online or on high-quality paper in full color in the mail, click on this link.  
September 2013 thru August 2014
$29.99 (6 issues)
Plus: Free access to promote on Mic Nite, Take Five and Must Read TV

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Jodie Renner, a freelance fiction editor specializing in thrillers and other fast-paced fiction, has published two books to date in her series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction:   WRITING A KILLER THRILLER and STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER (Silver Medal winner, FAPA Book Awards), both available in e-book and trade paperback.
For more info, please visit Jodie’s author website or editor website, or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

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