Some of the many author reviews Jodie has received since 2008 for her manuscript editing and critiques:

From NYT bestselling YA and middle-grade historical fantasy author, Robert Beatty:

“I’ve used Jodie Renner’s editing services for many years to help me learn the ins and outs of writing successful stories, to maximize the potential of my manuscripts, and to improve my writing skills. I’ve also read and studied all her books on writing. She is very much a part of my development as a writer, and her advice helped me to become the New York Times bestselling author that I am today. Jodie’s insightful observations and suggestions about logistics, clarity of details, continuity, and characterization helped make my novels, Serafina and the Twisted Staff  Serafina and the Splintered Heart and Willa of the Wood stronger stories and #1 New York Times bestsellers.

Robert Beatty, May 2018, New York Times bestselling author of Serafina and the Black CloakSerafina and the Twisted Staff, and Serafina and the Splintered Heart, and now, Willa of the Wood, all published by Disney Hyperion


“Most of us mere mortals have five senses. But Jodie Renner has a sixth sense—for editing. I’ve never worked with an editor who can do it all until now.  She drills down to the core elements of plot and character and suggests options for credibility and consistency; she polishes awkward prose until it sings; and she has an uncanny grasp of grammar and punctuation.

A fellow author, Allison Brennan, suggested Jodie Renner to do a developmental edit of DoubleBlind, the sixth suspense novel in my Georgia Davis, PI, series. Jodie’s big-picture advice included developing and expanding my subplot about Eden, a young Mormon woman on the run. She followed up with line/copyediting and even final proofreading. It was a joy to work with Jodie.”

~ Libby Fischer Hellmann, Jan. 2022, author of 16 published novels – suspense mysteries, historicals, PI novels, amateur sleuth, police procedurals, and even a cozy mystery.  Website ; Amazon Author Page


“I’ve now published four suspense-thrillers and have been thrilled by reviews and reader response. The enthusiastic reader validation confirms the abilities of my editor, Jodie Renner. Jodie is tremendously skilled, with all the expertise one would expect from the author of several award-winning craft-of-writing books. Beyond that, she is incredibly hard-working, kindhearted, and totally committed to the creation of memorable reading experiences.

For all four novels, Jodie provided expert input in all areas of editing, including characterization and plot, and her process involves multiple edit-response exchanges with the author. I do not believe there is another editor who offers Jodie’s level of expert input and support.

Expert knowledge, unmatched effort, and fantastic results – Jodie is an editor who is guaranteed to improve your book.

~ Tom Combs, author of the Drake Cody suspense-thrillers, Nerve DamageHard to BreatheWrongful Deaths and 


Jodie has edited the first three of my Zack Wilder thrillers, The Fulcrum, Water, and Deepfake, and I’m hoping we’ll work together on many more.

Her attention to detail, clear concise edits, and great suggestions all helped me strengthen my writing. Jodie drew my attention to points and references that might be unclear to readers and suggested additional character reactions to bring the characters and story more to life. Combined with an obvious knowledge of the genre and market, Jodie’s edits were invaluable.

Jodie was super-easy to communicate with, providing prompt responses to any queries and a great turnaround time. Plus, she went through each section as many times as was needed until both of us were happy with the final product.

I’m really pleased with the way the books have turned out. I would recommend Jodie to anyone looking to make their book the absolute best it can be.

~ N.J. Croft, multi-published author,  Amazon Author Page


“Thanks so much for all your help with my novel, China Hand, Jodie. I was blown away by your attention to detail and ability to boil each scene down to its essence, removing all the ‘fat’ and dramatically accelerating the pace. You consistently provided a level of insight and hands-on help that went far beyond what I had seen from arguably more famous editors in New York.”

– Scott Spacek, Dec. 2021, author of China Hand, Post Hill Press, summer 2022


“Working with Jodie Renner has been a five-star experience. With Jodie, there is no such thing as ‘good enough,’ as she aims for excellence. My manuscript has been tweaked and polished to perfection, while still being very much the story I wanted to tell. Jodie goes above and beyond, with multiple passes of each section and countless emails back and forth to discuss characters, plot points, and overarching theme. She has a very keen sense of story and sometimes knew my characters better than I did. Her attention to detail is flawless. Working with a historical fiction manuscript is tedious at times, and Jodie’s eye for accuracy cannot be matched.

“I never imagined that working with an editor could be such an enriching experience. Through Jodie’s coaching, I learned to write from a deeper point of view, make sure actions happened in the correct sequential order, and clean up my punctuation. When I needed time to adjust the plot, it was never a problem. She was always there to answer questions or offer advice as needed. Jodie will be my number one choice for any editing work I need done in the future.”

Christy Kate Lee, author of Finding Her Way: A Clara Thomas novel, to be released Nov. 2023, by Rising Action Publishing Collective. Instagram: @christykatewrites. Twitter: @ckleewrites


“Jodie Renner is an amazing editor. We just finished working on my first novel, Crisis Point. While many eyes had read Crisis Point, and others had edited it, none can compare to the detailed edit Jodie provided. She suggests major revisions and the need for additional chapters. She has a keen eye for plot flaws and provides excellent suggestions for improvement. But she doesn’t control your story. Her suggestions are just that, suggestions. Other times she pointed out the plot flaw and left me, the author, to work it out myself, then provided feedback with the changes. But she didn’t leave me hanging; she was always there for a quick conversation about the direction I thought I could go and offered feedback. Jodie makes many small suggestions that are huge improvements, and she also covers grammar, punctuation, and formatting. There is no part of editing a manuscript she doesn’t cover. She has an incredible eye for errors and a knack for knowing the story, at times better than I did!

“Jodie draws from her own writing experience, years of editing, and a true love for the written word. I’d attended some of her lectures and read her award-winning instructional books on writing, highlighting several sections that I needed to work on. But to work with Jodie while she put those tips into practice on my novel was an educational experience beyond compare!

“It was a great adventure and educational experience, and it was the push I needed to think outside the box I had created around Crisis Point, to look at sections I didn’t want to change, to add chapters I hadn’t realized I needed, and to pull emotions out of my characters—something that I was weak in. I think I can bring more emotions to my characters now! I am anxious to get to work with Jodie on my second novel.

“It was an absolute pleasure to work with Jodie.”

Dwayne Clayden, author of crime fictionCrisis Point was a finalist for the 2015 Crime Writers of Canada Unhanged Arthur Ellis Award. Dwayne is a paramedic and former police officer.


“All writers should make it one of their goals to work with Jodie Renner. It truly was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had as a writer. I learned so much from Jodie by reading her book, Fire Up Your Fiction, and from working with her on my second novel, One Night in Fear City. Working with Jodie truly was a collaborative experience that she made enjoyable. I hope to continue working with her on all of my future projects.”

~ JJ Hernandez, author of gritty crime fiction, Jjhernandezauthor


“Editors deliver varied and segmented levels of input. Editing terms are subjective, and the range of service provided is unique to each editor. Often more than one editor (e.g., developmental, line, copy) and a final proofreader may be needed. With Jodie Renner, there is no uncertainty, and complete support is assured. She is personally committed to each project and her award-winning, full-range expertise guarantees authors receive five-star editing support from page one through book release. I know from first-had experience that when Jodie teams with an author, she becomes personally invested in helping that book become the very best it can be. Jodie’s editing has been an integral part of my entire best-selling series.”

Tom Combsauthor of internationally best-selling Drake Cody suspense-thriller series, Nerve DamageHard to BreatheWrongful Deaths and Insurrection. Amazon Bestselling Author 2018, 2019, 2020. Amazon Author Page   Website:


“Jodie Renner is the best editor you can hope for, because she pours her heart and soul into each project. She is very selective and only takes on manuscripts if she really likes the story and feels the client possesses the primary instinct of a writer. In an industry rife with mavericks and self-proclaimed editors, it’s a breath of fresh air to find a veteran who places remuneration well down her list of priorities.

“But once you’re in with Jodie, weeding out typos, grammatical oversights, and clunky writing is just a small portion of the real value of her work. She’s a seasoned industry guru who will address both language and content issues to get your mystery, thriller, action, or espionage manuscript up to a publishable standard.

“Jodie will pore over every detail of your writing to transform it into a world-class novel that will sell. She will challenge every logical flaw and plot inconsistency in your story to ensure nothing comes in the way of your readers’ suspension of disbelief. She will nip any literary arrogance or showy ambiguity in the bud. Most importantly, Jodie will provide you with the viewpoint of most contemporary readers.

“Jodie’s biggest problem will be to figure out how to clone herself to satisfy the existing and future demands for a five-star editor like herself.”

A.M. Khalifa, author of Terminal Rage, Los Angeles, CA. 


“Jodie’s content edits and suggestions for my thriller, The Trigger, helped ramp up the tension and suspense, tighten the pace, and significantly improve the story. This is the fourth book Jodie edited for me, and I highly recommend her services.”

LJ Sellers, bestselling author of numerous provocative mysteries and thrillers

And inside the print version of The Trigger: “This book is dedicated to my wonderful editor, Jodie Renner, who helped the story reach a new level of excitement…”
With a handwritten note: “Jodie, your contribution was invaluable! ~ LJ Sellers”

“Jodie edited my last three novels, two suspense-mysteries and the latest, a futuristic thriller titled The Gauntlet Assassin, and she did a terrific job. Her phrasing and dialogue suggestions were spot on, and her attention to plot detail kept me from making inconsistency mistakes. Jodie also has a great feel for pacing and helped me ratchet up the suspense in places that were lagging. She was thorough and professional and gave me the quick turnaround I needed. In addition, Jodie is very easy to work with. Highly recommended!”

~ L.J. Sellers, Oregon, author of the bestselling Detective Jackson mysteries, as well as several stand-alone thrillers and a nonfiction book on writing. Visit her website at

Edited by Jodie Renner: Dying for JusticeLiars, Cheaters & Thieves The Gauntlet Assassin, and The Trigger


“When Jodie Renner says ‘Let’s take your manuscript to the next level,’ she means it. Writing a thriller offers challenges unique to the genre, and Jodie is more than prepared to deal with all of them. Whether ratcheting up the tension, dealing with POV or timeline issues, grammar, or offering suggestions to enhance the plot or pick up the pace, Jodie’s suggestions are spot-on and invariably valuable. As an author, all you have to bring to the table is a manuscript and an open mind, and you will end up with a far superior product than you had when you started. I’ve worked with Jodie on two thrillers, including the Amazon Top 25 overall bestseller, The Lonely Mile, and now Parallax View, and the moment I have another thriller ready, I’ll work with her again. If you’re looking for a way to set your work apart, look no farther than Jodie Renner Editing.”

~  Allan Leverone, author of thrillers, mysteries and horror novels


“Jodie just finished working with us on our thriller, The Blade.

Jodie Renner is a 5-star thriller editor with the eye of an eagle and the skill of a surgeon.

She goes beyond copy and line editing to target even the most elusive content issues. A pleasure to work with—highly recommended.

~ Lynn Sholes & Joe Moore, #1 Amazon and international bestselling authors of The Phoenix Apostles and The Grail Conspiracy, and now, The Blade.


“As I was searching for a freelance editor for my action thriller No Remorse, I discovered the editor-gem Jodie Renner through Facebook contacts. I had looked at several other editors but none of them delivered sample edits that I was happy with, and some were priced way too high.

I was delighted to find Jodie’s editorial contribution to No Remorse extended way beyond just copyediting and helping with U.S. equivalents for my Australian expressions. She suggested (very diplomatically) changes to parts of the story that would create greater depth of character, or resonate better with readers (particularly females, something a male writer doesn’t always notice). Having already learned to kill my babies through  multiple versions of the manuscript, I was happy in around 95% of instances to agree with Jodie’s suggestions. Jodie even managed to save a character I had killed off, and I’m glad she did because it has made for a better resolution to the plot. (The character is living happily back in Boston.)

Apart from the absolute fun I had working with Jodie, the experience was incredibly efficient. Needless to say, I’ll be consulting Jodie earlier in the process with my next novel, because I’m so confident she will speed up the whole process.

As a debut author, I highly recommend Jodie to anyone who has not used a professional editor and is considering submitting to an agent or publisher, or self-publishing.

I rate Jodie six stars out of five!”

Ian Walkley, Australia, author of No Remorse. Note: No Remorse subsequently received an award,  the 2013 IRDA Prize for Best Mystery/Suspense.


“Jodie Renner is the real deal. In a world awash with sketchy advice for writers, Jodie cuts through the darkness with the piercing light of her expertise. Her editing, advice, and suggested revisions are concrete, practical, and produce compelling prose. Jodie skillfully helped me navigate from the shores of my nonfiction through the treacherous waters of thriller writing. She helped me take a manuscript that was not “there” yet to one that was. I feel fortunate to have found her to work with me on my thriller, Borderland, and I look forward to working with her on my next project. In fact, I have three other manuscripts I’m working on and plan on using her editing services with each. Her editing was a godsend.”

~ Peter Eichstaedt, journalist and author of thriller, Borderland – A Kyle Dawson Novel


“Jodie Renner provides the editorial attention that every writer dreams of – technically masterful, creatively attuned, and fully committed to making your book the best it can be. She provides the full range of editing services in a process that assures attention to every detail. Her knowledge and hard work guarantee that you and your writing have a valuable ally.

“Grammatical, typing, and punctuation edits are flawless and annotated. Additionally, Jodie provides suggestions based on her expertise in writing craft (she is the author of outstanding instructional books on writing). Jodie’s technical and craft know-how combined with her fierce work ethic assure that you receive truly remarkable editing support.

“My debut novel Nerve Damage benefitted significantly from Jodie’s skills. Her keen eye allowed me to significantly improve clarity and readability. Jodie Renner provided me invaluable editing support. There is no doubt that my novel became better due to her editing skills.

“Jodie Renner will help you make your book better. She is understandably in demand and takes on selected writers at her discretion. If you have the opportunity to work with Jodie, I am sure you will feel as I do—extremely fortunate.”

~ Tom Combs, M.D.,  author of medical thriller, Nerve Damage, published June 2014. Also edited by Jodie Renner: Hard to Breathe, published Sept. 30, 2016, and Wrongful Deaths, June 2018


“After six rewrites and burning out two readers, I still wasn’t happy with my first novel, The Woman in Room 1638. There was something wrong and I couldn’t pin it down. The folks at Suspense Magazine recommended Jodie Renner as an editor and I hired her to help me with the first 50 pages.

What an incredible difference Jodie made. She not only helped me turn those pages into page-turners, but she helped me focus on how to get the rest of the book moving. She is a gem. Her advice is extremely insightful, and she drills right into the problems, inconsistencies, and muddle that can often slow down a reader.

Also, she’s quick with turnarounds and a great communicator.

I would recommend her to any author who is struggling to add the brilliance that makes a book into a best-seller. So don’t even think about submitting your manuscript to an agent without having Jodie get her eyes on it. Your chances of success will increase a hundredfold.

I can’t wait to work with her again.

And her book Writing a Killer Thriller has been a great reference.  Download it and keep it handy.”

Ken Currier, author of Losing Yasmin


“When I approached Jodie and she agreed to edit the first chapter of my international action-adventure, I didn’t realize how lucky I was. When we finished working on that chapter, I knew I had found someone who was a truly dedicated professional. Chapter by chapter, back and forth, Jodie went over my whole novel with careful eyes, cutting down wordiness, picking up the pace, making the dialogue sound more natural, increasing the tension, flagging plot holes, and combing the text for grammar and punctuation. When we were done, I had a polished manuscript that far exceeded my expectations—tighter, faster, and much more engaging. Working with Jodie on this novel has been a great learning experience and a real pleasure.”

Ron Albalak, Cambodia


“I am extremely grateful to have had Jodie Renner critique and edit the opening pages of my novel. Not only did she address character development and formatting issues, but she also encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and try writing in another P.O.V. Jodie’s impressive academic background, coupled with her talent, make her one of the best editors I’ve worked with. If you want to perfect your writing by learning how to become a more efficient, professional author, work with Jodie.  Also, I found her writing guides immensely useful and easy to understand.

Jay Lang, author of novels Hush, Shatter, Shiver, Stormand The Cove


“Jodie Renner just finished editing my police procedural, The Missings. She made the editing process thoroughly enjoyable. With Jodie, it’s very much a collaborative effort that will spoil you, teach you, and stretch you. And she’ll do it all without changing your voice.”

~ Peg Brantley, Colorado, author of Red Tide and The Missings.


“I’m very pleased with the work Jodie Renner did with my mystery, Who Bombed the Train? Her questions about the story were thought-provoking and definitely led me to changes that vastly improved the book.”

Judith Yates Borger, mystery writer, Minneapolis, MN


“Jodie’s tagline says, ‘Let’s work together to enhance and empower your writing.’ This is not just a tagline for Jodie, but rather the way she lives every moment of her editing life. No matter where you are, or think you are, with your project, Jodie can help. Her sense of dialogue is superb. She will show you how to pace your work appropriately, and is a master at point of view issues and building more personality into your characters. She does it all without infringing on your voice. Jodie is also a precise grammar queen. Simply, Jodie is the best all-around editor I have ever used. I paid her more money than we agreed to. Don’t miss the chance to hire this talented lady. I did and I will again and again.”

~ John Tkac, Delray Beach, Florida, author of Whispers from the Bay and Talking to Water, YA fiction. (Winner of gold medal from FAPA)


“In a marketplace filled with authors, the right editor is essential to making your book stand out from the crowd. Jodie Renner worked with me to transform my thrillerThe Lonely Milefrom an exciting book to a tight, suspenseful, heart-pounding thrill ride.

“Jodie did much more than just correct typos and fix grammatical issues. She identified plot holes, eliminated repetitive phrasing, and helped improve the pacing, which forms the heart of a thriller. Jodie Renner is an enthusiastic, energetic and highly skilled editor with extremely fair rates. If you’re serious about making your work the best it can be, I recommend Jodie without hesitation!”

~ Allan Leverone, author of Final Vector and now, The Lonely Mile.


Payback is the second crime fiction novel of mine that Jodie Renner has worked on with me. Yes, she edited it, but I felt she was a team member and collaborator in this lonely business.

“Jodie is ever-watchful on my behalf for point of view shifts, time sequence and events matching, and logical impossibilities. I also like it that she will suggest a rewording of a sentence or phrase. She will debate a point with me and always has a good reason to suggest a revision.

“Writers involved in this process know how impatient you get. But with Jodie, often I will have a section back on the same or next day. Her praise—and silence—is very important. There’s just the right balance.

“Jodie is the editor you dream about having.”

Mar Preston, California, author of No DiceRip-Off, and now Payback.


“Are you getting ready to send your manuscript out to an agent? Do you want it to be the best it can be? Of course you do. But no matter how much time you spend on that final draft, or how many times you go over it, there are still going to be things wrong with it that an agent will pick up on. The good news is, a good editor can catch those glitches before you send it out, and they can help make your work look a ton more professional.

“If you’re needing an editor who knows her business, I would highly recommend Jodie Renner. Her editing is accurate, insightful, and complete. In addition, she won’t mess with your style or voice. So, if you’d like to turn your manuscript into a polished, agent-ready draft, Jodie is the connection you need to make that happen. Her turnaround is quick, and her prices are very reasonable. Give her a shout. You won’t regret it when you see the result.”

~ Michael Broadway (Cornell DeVille), author of YA and middle-grade fiction, including this latest, Lost in the Bayou


“Jodie did an outstanding job editing my debut mystery novel, The Temporary Detective. Not only did she tame my wayward commas and misguided hyphens, she also vastly improved the opening, caught me on several logic flaws, and nudged me into making clearer word choices. In addition, her response time every step of the way was nothing short of miraculous. Jodie made it clear from the start that the final say on anything was mine and, indeed, we had a few lively style debates via email. But she was always good-natured about these discussions and remained willing to answer countless questions that might seem minor to some, but which were major to me. There was never a limit on how many times we sent a section back and forth; she was clearly as committed to getting it right as I was. Jodie came recommended to me by several independent sources, and I am happy to enthusiastically add my voice to theirs in recommending her services.”

Joanne Sydney Lessner, New York City, author of Pandora’s Bottle (Flint Mine Press, 2010) and The Temporary Detective


“Jodie Renner is a superb fiction editor who will identify the weaknesses in your story and show you how to fix them. She will also emphasize the strengths. Her understanding of story structure is stellar and her expertise at nailing the exact points where my chapters should have ended dramatically improved the pacing in my romantic suspense story, The Man Who Fell From the Sky. She caught multiple continuity errors and defined plot holes. She got deep into my characters’ heads to ask me questions about what really made them tick. Bless her, she even fixed my amateurish point-of-view errors. Color me impressed!”

Eve Paludan, author of three editions of The Romance Writer’s Pink Pages (Prima) and my latest novel, The Man Who Fell from the Sky (romantic suspense).


“I am so pleased with my editing collaboration with Jodie Renner that now that this current crime suspense book is done, I am asking her to work with me on the next one.

“Back and forth the chapters went between us. The process moved as quickly as I was able to do the work Jodie suggested, and she spurred me time and again to improve my writing with her comments and questions. Jodie caught events out of sequence and suggested ways to fix them out of a deep understanding of how storytelling works. When I’d come on a compliment, it would really please me. I felt I earned it. Her critique was gentle but pointed. When something didn’t make sense to her, I looked at it again, and she turned out to be right every single time. I took 99% of the changes she suggested. And the ones I didn’t, I’m still not sure about.

“Jodie improved the book immeasurably. I am really grateful to her.”

Mar Preston, California, crime suspense author of No Dice and Rip-Off, featuring Homicide Detective Dave Mason of the Santa Monica Police Department.


“I was so pleased with Jodie’s work on my last YA thriller, Season of Lies, that I knew I’d be a repeat customer. She took my new YA thriller, Universal Forces, to a professional level, helping to clarify meaning, sharpen words, and hone character motivation. Before you send your manuscript or book into the world, contact her.”

~ Monica Shaughnessy, Texas,


“Jodie Renner is working with me on my psychological thriller. Jodie has the ability to step back from the story and see the big picture, then zoom in and look at the finer points. Her ongoing insights are helping to breathe life into the characters and shape the scenes to maximize the suspense. Jodie is great at catching inconsistencies and hovering or ping-ponging point of view, and I appreciate that Jodie takes the time to explain things in the margin – because of all these teaching moments, my next novels will also be stronger.”

~ Beverly Purdy, MD (Psychiatry), San Jose, CA.


“I learned so much from Jodie when she edited the first book in my Isobel Spice detective series that she had far less work to do on the second, Bad Publicity. Even so, she did a stellar job of cleaning up stray punctuation, spotting repeated words, and policing continuity issues. Most importantly, she pinpointed the reason why my romantic triangle wasn’t landing convincingly. With her prompting, I gave more complexity to my heroine’s feelings, which added depth and credibility to her interactions with both suitors. And, as always, Jodie’s prompt response time and willingness to entertain repeated discussions about minor points are a tribute to her patience and professionalism. I have no doubt that Bad Publicity is a stronger book than it would have been without her expert editing.”

Joanne Sydney Lessner, author of Pandora’s Bottle (Flint Mine Press, 2010), The Temporary Detective (Dulcet Press, 2012) and Bad Publicity (Dulcet Press, 2013)


“For anyone attempting the mammoth task of writing a novel, beginner or expert, the process of going from that hard-won first draft to a polished finished product is perhaps the most difficult, and definitely the most stressful step of all. This is why we need help. Professional help. More specifically, the help of a professional who has an eagle-eye for detail and a solid command of how to create and maintain that all-important tension, conflict and suspense, and one who is not afraid to call us on every little detail that we thought we could let slip through, rather than having to go to all the effort of changing our precious words.

“Jodie Renner is such a professional. What’s more, her matter-of-fact explanations, her right-on-time encouragement, and her no-nonsense efficiency will prove invaluable as you navigate your way through the twists and turns of the editing process. Not to mention her essential help in paring back overwritten passages and finding simpler, rawer words and phrasings that appeal to the emotions. Believe me, the outcome will surprise you with its clarity and power!

“All told, if writing a novel could be compared to the culinary arts, Jodie Renner’s editorial insight would be like the saffron in a great Moroccan couscous; it’s the one absolutely essential ingredient that brings a touch of implacable and irreplaceable quality and completeness to the dish while working in its own special way to make sure that all the other ingredients are given their opportunity to shine their very brightest.”

James Richard Brown; Paris, France


“Talk about bang for your buck! I didn’t know what to expect from a professional editor, but right away Jodie gave me feedback that I knew was just right. I asked Jodie to critique the first 24 pages of my romantic suspense so I could get a feel for how she worked and what I would get out of a full edit. The critique was lively and substantive. I’ll be able to use what she pointed out as I move forward writing my novel. Being straightforward and honest, Jodie made me feel like a professional. I look forward to working with her more as I develop my novel.”

~ Terry Shames, author, May 2011


“Jodie Renner’s evaluation and critique of the first 40 pages of my crime thriller were invaluable. Her analysis, edits and suggestions were excellent, and she improved my manuscript tremendously. Working with her was a pleasure. She was prompt, thorough and incredibly insightful. I couldn’t be more pleased and would strongly recommend her editing services to all writers.”

~ Mary Bush, December 2013


“If you need a professional evaluation or critique of your manuscript, Jodie Renner is the connection you’re looking for. What a great stroke of luck it was running into her. I couldn’t have been more pleased with what she did for me. I feel like her expertise was exactly what I needed to point out the issues in continuity and character development. I’m using her editing services now to get my book polished and ready for publication. If you decide to give her a try, I guarantee you won’t regret it.”

~ Michael Broadway (Cornell DeVille), author of Lost in the Bayou, Sept. 3, 2010


“Jodie Renner has been the copy editor for our two magazines, CityWoman and eatdrink, since October 2008. She is exceptionally conscientious and always goes the extra mile for us. She helps our writers be clear and precise, giving us both corrections and suggestions. Although Jodie works for many others as well, I see her as an important member of our team.”

~ Chris McDonell, Publisher, CityWoman and eatdrink magazines, Nov. 2009


“Jodie Renner has been an invaluable addition to our team. Her copy editing skills have improved all of our editorial pieces and we couldn’t do without her. I would recommend her highly to anyone who wants to be in print!”

~ Melanie North, Editor, CityWoman and eatdrink magazines, Feb. 2009


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