Thursday, January 19, 2012

Busy with Editing and Publishing my Craft of Fiction Articles

I've been very busy editing fiction manuscripts, mostly thrillers, mysteries, romantic suspense and other crime fiction, as well as publishing my craft of fiction articles on various writers' blogs, so my own blogspot here is getting negelected.

In fact, today (Jan. 19, 2012), I have four different articles published on four different sites:

Hot off the press - "Check Your Facts, Ma'am!" (so you don't annoy and alienate your readers) is up on Blood-Red Pencil blogspot, at

And an updated version of my "Thrillers vs. Mysteries" is up on The Thrill Begins blogspot, at

Also, Part 3 of "Tension on Every Page" (with parts 1 & 2 just below it) is up on DP Lyle, MD's blog, Writer's Forensics Blog, at

And "Essential Elements of a Bestselling Thriller" is up at Suspense Magazine's blog:

Drop on over to any or all of them, and leave a comment if you have a minute to spare!

And keep on writing!