Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Discover Paris on the edge of your seat

The 7th Woman, by Frederique Molay

My favorite new publisher, Le French Book, is at it again. This new publisher of “French books you’ll love in English” is promoting its third release today: The 7thWoman by Frédérique Molay, who has been called “the French Michael Connelly.” This edge-of-your-seat police procedural has all the suspense of Seven, with CSI-like details, set in Paris. 

The 7thWoman won France’s most prestigious crime fiction award, was named Best Crime Fiction Novel of the Year, and is already an international bestseller.

With the purchase of this thriller, Le French Book is giving everyone a last chance to win a trip to France, along with three cases of fine French wine, and a number of other gifts and prizes

And this is a great time to get it, since they also dropped 25% off the usual list price. For a limited time only, you can grab this great read for $5.99.


There’s no rest for Paris’s top criminal investigation division, La Crim’. Who is preying on women in the French capital? How can he kill again and again without leaving any clues? A serial killer is taking pleasure in a macabre ritual that leaves the police on tenterhooks. Chief of Police Nico Sirsky—a super cop with a modern-day real life, including an ex-wife, a teenage son, and a budding love story—races against the clock to solve the murders as they get closer and closer to his inner circle. Will he resist the pressure? The story grabs you by the throat and doesn’t let go until the last page, leading you behind the scenes with the French police and into the coroner’s office. You will never experience Paris the same way again!

Le French Book has set out to bring new voices into English and give fine French authors a broader audience. This is an initiative I’m happy to support. And I’m sure you don’t want to miss the sweepstakes, free gifts and exclusive author material, which you can find here: http://www.the7thwoman.com.

Grab this opportunity to get your hands on this book today -- you’ll enjoy a great read that takes you to Paris. And this special promo with prizes is available for a limited-time only.

And one of the many prizes is my e-book, Writing a Killer Thriller!  In fact, I'm giving away ten of them!

Jodie Renner is a freelance editor specializing in thrillers, romantic suspense, mysteries, and other crime fiction. Please check out Jodie’s website and blog, as well as her group blog, Crime Fiction Collective.
Jodie’s craft of fiction articles appear regularly on various blogs, and she has published two popular craft-of-fiction e-books in the series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction: Writing a Killer Thriller and Style that Sizzles and Pacing for Power.
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Friday, October 5, 2012

Style that Sizzles & Pacing for Power

by Jodie Renner, freelance editor

My latest e-book, STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER - An Editor's Guide to  Writing Compelling Fiction, is selling like hotcakes on Amazon and garnering great reviews, both there and on Facebook! It's on sale for $0.99 for a limited time. To view the e-book on Amazon, click on the title in caps above.

And by the way, you don't need to own a Kindle to purchase and read Kindle e-books. You can build up a Kindle library on your PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet, and it's quick and easy to do. Go to Amazon.com, on the drop-down menu, click on Kindle Store, then along the toolbar at the top, click on Free Reading Apps. Also, see another link below the "Buy now" on the far right.

Here's a bit of info on my Style that Sizzles book:

Fiction writers – if you’re looking to hone your style, bring your scenes to life, tighten up your writing, add tension, pick up the pace, and develop a more authentic, appealing voice, this book is for you. This 31,500-word, 143-page e-book is chock-full of excellent tips to help you learn to write like the pros and create a novel that sells.

Topics include: hooking readers in on your first pages, writing compelling action scenes, style blunders to avoid, showing instead of telling, streamlining cluttery sentence structures, avoiding repetitions, choosing words that nail it, pacing for power, avoiding info dumps and awkward structures, writing natural-sounding dialogue, expressing thoughts, showing character reactions, avoiding melodrama, finding your authentic voice, and more.

“This book is packed with good advice on how to spot and fix weaknesses
in your fiction writing. It summarizes the combined wisdom of the last century
or so of fiction teachers into one handy volume.”

~ Randy Ingermanson, bestselling author of WRITING FICTION FOR DUMMIES

“A handy checklist and self-editing guide that will get any
fiction writer to a stronger, well-told tale.”
– James Scott Bell, bestselling author of REVISION & SELF-EDITING,
Also, please check out my Amazon e-booklet, WRITING A KILLER THRILLER - AN EDITOR'S GUIDE TO WRITING POWERFUL FICTION, which will help authors of any genre hone your craft, add tension, conflict and intrigue, and make your stories more captivating. You’ll also find excellent tips in my two upcoming books, Bring Your Characters to Life and Deep Point of View.
To check out this e-booklet, click HERE.

Smooth out that Clunky, Cluttered Phrasing

On Wednesday I was honored to be invited to Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi's excellent, award-winning blog, The Bookshelf Muse, as a guest blogger.

I gave several examples of trimming down sentences to reveal their powerful core, then readers offered solutions to six more at the end. It was great fun, and I gave away a Kindle copy and 3 PDFs of my e-book, STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER.

I'm planning on doing a similar exercise here - maybe even turn it into a series!

Anyway, here's the beginning of my blog post over at The Bookshelf Muse, with a link to the rest of it:


by Jodie Renner, freelance editor, @JodieRennerEd

One of my main jobs as a fiction editor is to teach novelists how to streamline their writing and take out all those little words cluttering up their prose, getting in the way of meaning, slowing down the pacing, and impeding reader enjoyment of the story.

For many writers, it takes practice to break old business or academic writing habits and learn to write in a more casual, to-the-point, compelling way for fiction. Many of my newbie novelist clients are highly educated professionals, so they especially have to unlearn overly correct, formal writing habits.

Here’s a short example of overly erudite writing, from a novel I edited years ago, with the name changed:

Before: Jason recommenced after the abrupt interruption, with a scowl in the direction of its origin.

After: Jason scowled at the interruption, then continued.

As the editor, I suggested the “after” rewording, then commented in the margin, about my suggestion: “Less wordy, more direct. No need to say “abrupt interruption,” as an interruption is by nature abrupt. And it’s a given that his scowl would be in the direction of the origin of the interruption.”

Here are more examples of taking out unnecessary words for better flow. I’ve adapted them from my editing, but changed the names and details to provide anonymity for the writers. Of course there are often several different ways to pare a sentence down, and these are just possible solutions.

Before: She looked quickly down the narrow street in the direction they had come.

After: She glanced back down the narrow street.

To read the rest, click HERE.

Jodie Renner, a freelance fiction editor specializing in thrillers and other fast-paced fiction, has published two books to date in her series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction: WRITING A KILLER THRILLER and STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER (Silver Medalist in the FAPA Book Awards, 2013). Both titles are available in e-book and paperback. For more info, please visit Jodie’s author website or editor website, or find her on Facebook or Twitter.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Writing Tense Action Scenes

I'm over at Stacy Green's blog today, talking about writing powerful action scenes. Here's the beginning, with a link below to the rest of the article.

by Jodie Renner, freelance fiction editor, @JodieRennerEd
Stacy recently asked me how editing thrillers is different from editing other genres. That’s a huge topic, too much for one blog post, and would include differences in plot, characterization, pacing, word choice, and writing style, among many other considerations. For today, I thought I’d just talk about writing effective action scenes, which can also appear in romantic suspense, mysteries, action adventures, fantasies, and any other genre.
When your characters are running for their lives, write tight and leave out a lot of description, especially little insignificant details about their surroundings. Of course, if the details would somehow help them, then definitely include them.
Characters on the run don’t have time to sightsee or have great long discussions. Their adrenaline is pumping and all they’re thinking of is survival.
A few quick tips for writing strong action scenes:
~ Show, don’t tell (of course!). See my blog post on this topic.
~ Stay in the scene with the characters – don’t intrude as the author to explain anything.
~ Avoid lengthy discussions among characters or long, involved thought processes.
~ Cut out any little unneeded words that are cluttering up sentences and slowing down the pace.
~ Use short sentences and paragraphs.
~ Use the most powerful verbs you can find.
~ Show your viewpoint character’s sensory impressions to suck readers in more.
~ Show your POV character’s emotional and physical reactions, starting with visceral responses.
~ Show other characters’ reactions through their words, tone of voice, actions, body language, and facial expressions.

Click HERE for the examples and the rest of the article.

Jodie Renner, a freelance fiction editor specializing in thrillers and other fast-paced fiction, has published two books to date in her series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction: WRITING A KILLER THRILLER and STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER (Silver Medalist in the FAPA Book Awards, 2013).
Both titles are available in e-book and paperback. For more info, please visit Jodie’s author website or editor website, or find her on Facebook or Twitter.