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Please contact Jodie at info (at) about presenting a workshop on one or more of these topics at your conference or writers’ group meeting.

Each topic can be adapted to last from 15 minutes to 2 hours, with audience participation.

~ Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View
~ Hook Your Readers with a Riveting Opening

~ Style Blunders to Watch for in Fiction

~ Cut the Clutter and Streamline Your Writing

~ Effective, Painless Revision and Self-Editing

~ Spark up Your Scenes
~ Adding Tension, Suspense and Intrigue to Your Story
~ How to Slash 20-30% of Your Word Count – Without Losing Any of the Good Stuff!

~ Reach More Readers with Your Writing

~ Info Dumps, AYKB, & Other Author Intrusions
~ Essential Elements of a Bestselling Thriller
~ Creating Compelling Characters
~ Strategies for Showing instead of Telling
~ Bring Your Characters to Life on the Page
~ Pros and Cons of First-Person Point of View
~ Put Tension on Every Page
~ Every Scene Needs Conflict and a Change
~ Tips for Writing Effective Dialogue
~ Expressing Thought-Reactions in Fiction
~ Tips for Picking up the Pace
~ Avoiding Info Dumps and Other Author Intrusions
~ Heightening the Suspense
~ Finding and Working with a Freelance Editor
~ Self-Publishing on Amazon
~ To Prologue or Not to Prologue?
... and more

Below are some workshops Jodie has presented, panels she has participated in, writers’ conferences she’s attended, magazine articles and books she has published, and book contests she has judged, starting with upcoming, then most recent, and going back in time:
Upcoming Presentations:

June 30 – July 4, 2014:  BC Youth Writers Camp, Penticton, BC. Jodie will present five workshops to kids from 8 to 18. Topic: “Techniques for Sparking up Your Stories”

August 8-10, 2014 – When Words Collide – A Festival for Readers and Writers, Calgary, Alberta. Jodie will present two workshops: “Engage Your Readers with Deep Point Of View” and “12 Do’s & Don’ts for a Compelling Opening.”


April 11 - Webinar, "Spark up Your Story - Adding Tension, Suspense, & Intrigue" at the Cyber Symposium: PD Event for Editors & Authors, April 11 & 12, 2014

January 24-26, 2014: San Diego State University (SDSU) Writers’ Conference, San Diego, California. Jodie will present two workshops; one on Deep Point of View and the other on Editing & Revising Your Novel – “Revise for Success”. Contact at SDSU: Erin Quinn.

Sept. 24, 2013: Jodie presented a workshop entitled “7 Essential Tips for Switching from Nonfiction to Fiction Writing or Editing” to the Okanagan Editors Group in Kelowna, BC, Canada. Contact Jodie Renner, or Arlene Prunkl at

Sept. 1, 2013: Jodie is interviewed in Southern Writers Magazine, Sept./Oct. 2013 issue. Mostly about writing and editing compelling fiction.

August 2013: Killer Nashville Conference, Nashville, Tennessee

~ Jodie presented a workshop called “Engage Your Readers with Deep Point of View.” (Click on the “reviews” tab to see comments about the seminar. Audio recording available.)

~ Jodie participated in a panel on revision and self-editing, called “Be Your Own Editor: Make Your Book the Best it Can Be.” (reviews below)
August 2013: Jodie’s article, “Adding Tension, Suspense, & Intrigue to Your Story” appeared in Suspense Magazine, August issue.
July 18, 2013: London Writers Society: Jodie presented a workshop on “Self-Publishing on Amazon.”
July 13, 2013: Thrillerfest, NYC. Jodie participated in a panel entitled “How to Become a Masterful Editor—of Your Own Work” on Saturday, July 13 from 9:30 am – 10:20 am.
May-August 2013: Judge for Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Books Contest. Category: YA & Middle-Grade Fiction.
June 2013: Trade paperback version of Writing a Killer Thriller is published.
May 15, 2013: Jodie presented a workshop entitled “12 Don’ts and 10 Do’s for a Compelling Opening” for the London Writers Society, London, Ontario, Canada.
May 2013: Jodie attended Grub Street’s The Muse and the Marketplace Writers’ Conference, Boston, Mass.
March 2013: Left Coast Crime Conference in Colorado Springs, Colorado, “Where Murder is the Last Resort.” Jodie participated on two panels:
~ “Ask the Editor” – Q&A with four editors: Deni Dietz, Diane O’Connell, Terry Bischoff, & Jodie Renner
~ “Truth is More Violent than Fiction – Or is it?” by six members of Crime Fiction Collective blog, including Jodie.
July 2012: Thrillerfest/Craftfest, NYC – attendee and volunteer
June 2012: Jessica Morrell’s Summer in Words writers’ conference, Cannon Beach, Oregon. Jodie gave a short talk on “Info Dumps, AYKB, and Other Author Intrusions.”
May 2012: Tallahassee Book Festival and Writers Conference, Tallahassee, Florida
January 2012: SDSU Writers’ Conference, San Diego, California.
July 2011: Thrillerfest & Craftfest in New York City (International Thriller Writers)
May–August 2011: Judge for Writer’s Digest’s Self-Published Books Contest. Category: Genre Fiction.
May 2011: CanWrite! 2011 – Writers’ Conference, Grand Bend, Ontario. Jodie gave a talk on “The Pros and Cons of First-Person Point of View.”
March 2011: The Big Chile – Left Coast Crime’s crime fiction writers’ and readers’ conference in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jodie participated in a panel: “Industry Professionals on Publishing.”
February 2011: San Miguel Writers’ Conference, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. Jodie’s proposal was accepted to present a 90-minute seminar on Point of View for the Feb. 2012 conference.
October 2010: Bouchercon (mystery and thriller writers fan convention) in San Francisco
July 2010: Craftfest at Thrillerfest, International Thriller Writers’ Conference, New York City
June 2009: Editors’ Association of Canada annual conference, Toronto. Jodie was a presenter.
June 2009: MagNet Conference, Toronto (magazine writers and editors)

Santa Fe, NM
Original 6 of Crime Fiction Collective, March 2011

May 2011: CanWrite! 2011 – Writers’ Conference, Grand Bend, Ontario. (Jodie gave a talk on “The Pros and Cons of First-Person Point of View.”)

July 2011: Thrillerfest (Craftfest) in New York City (International Thriller Writers)
Jodie in Times Square, NYC, July 2011

LJ Sellers, Teresa Burrell, Jodie, Andrew Kaufman, San Diego, Jan '12

Jan. 2012: SDSU Writers’ Conference, San Diego, CA.

Suspense/Thrillers table at SDSU Conference in San Diego

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