Friday, December 13, 2013

E-book Giveaway, Price Drop, Links to Blog Posts, PW Review

Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas season and a productive, creative 2014! 

* Update: Jodie's busy editing, writing, planning workshops and a cross-country move, and blogging on 3+ blogs! (See down for links to best recent blog posts.)

Besides ongoing fiction editing & critiquing, working on book 3 in my series, entitled Immerse the Readers in Your Story World, preparing workshops for several writing conferences, starting with two at SDSU Writers' Conference in San Diego in January, I'm also busy sorting and downsizing in preparation for a move across the country next spring or summer.

In addition, I'm a bi-weekly contributor to two blogs, The Kill Zone and Crime Fiction Collective (alternate Mondays for both) and, less frequently on other blogs for writers.

E-Book Giveaway  - to be drawn from new subscribers:

I'll be gifting two e-books on Jan. 1 to people who subscribe to my newsletter (published 4-10 times per year) between now and then. Names chosen by random draw. You get to choose which of my books you'd like to receive, Style That Sizzles & Pacing for Power, or Writing a Killer Thriller. This is for new subscribers only. Here's the link to subscribe:

* Price drop – Jodie’s e-books down a dollar, Matchbook: e-books for $0.99.

Just to let you know, I’ve dropped the e-book prices for both of the books in my series, An Editor's Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction. Both Style That Sizzles & Pacing for Power and Writing a Killer Thriller are now $2.99 for the e-books, which you can also read on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. And if you purchase the print book on Amazon, you get the same title in e-book there for only $0 .99.

* Best recent blog posts - links to articles by Jodie and others:

~ Character Descriptions – Learn From the Pros! by Jodie Renner, at Writers Helping Writers blog

~ 10 Ways to Add Depth to Your Scenes by Jodie Renner, at The Kill Zone blog

~ How to Put the Boys in the Basement to Work, Great tips for releasing your inner creativity, by James Scott Bell, at The Kill Zone

~ Don’t Stop the Story to Introduce Each Character by Jodie Renner, at The Kill Zone blog

~ Why I Am Not Turning the Pages of This Novel, by James Scott Bell

~ Indie Authors – Should You Revise & Republish Your Earlier Books? by Jodie Renner, at The Kill Zone blog

~ Pros, Cons,& Tips for Publishing Your Own Book on Amazon by Jodie Renner, at Resources for Writers blog

~ Thanks, Amazon, for Promoting my Books for Free by Jodie Renner, at Crime Fiction Collective blog

~ 10 Tips for Attracting a Top-Notch Editor for Your Story by Jodie Renner, at Crime Fiction Collective blog

~ 4 Key Publishing Paths, by Jane Friedman

~ Crafting an Effective Opening, by Clare Langley-Hawthorne, TKZ

~ Power in Numbers – Authors Promoting as a Team by Kristina McMorris, on Writer Unboxed

* Review of Terminal Rage:

Finally, just in, a great review in Publishers Weekly for a riveting international thriller I had the pleasure of editing about a year ago, Terminal Rage, by A.M. Khalifa. Click on this link to go to the review:

I hope you all find some time to relax over the holidays and spend time with family and friends.  And all the best in 2014!  Keep on writing! - Jodie

Jodie Renner, a freelance fiction editor specializing in thrillers and other fast-paced fiction, has published two books to date in her series, An Editor’s Guide to Writing Compelling Fiction: WRITING A KILLER THRILLER and STYLE THAT SIZZLES & PACING FOR POWER (Silver Medalist in the FAPA Book Awards, 2013).
For more info, please visit Jodie’s author website or editor website, or find her on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. Jodie also blogs alternate Mondays on The Kill Zone blog and Crime Fiction Collective blog.

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